Aubade Sonata

In the dawn of December, the sun rises and greets us with radiance and with sugar mountain in the sky of azure
That plays us aubade sonata’s from the symphony of the sky

In the morning I see her, in ardor expression with her brush on her canvas
Painting monks under bonsai trees, in ancient gardens, where sacred pagoda’s rise in the backdrop
In these landscapes of antiquity, where the warrior derives from and filters her consciousness with vitality and with grace

When I meet her, I know I want to play aubade sonata’s from the sky
And sing to her of all seasons and a stream to flow down and paddle her in a canoe 
While I soak up vigorous jewels, looking through her diamond refined eyes

When you tell me of your dreams to wander; the world and all it beholds
To discover what lingers beneath the sand
Please let me take you by the hand and travel with you throughout the globe
To a land where all of our visions are present in a vivid entity

I met you on the solstice of a new age, where prophets spoke of demise and I dreamt of new beginning
Was that day built for two, when I played you aubade sonata?


Don’t Let This Run You Dry

Old man lying by the side of the tracks, bumming for a ride
The freight train doors are all hatched and locked up to get around
Where does he go when each fleet races past, never to slow down for him to hand them a rose
Times are changing from his day of age, no one now is willing to lend a hand
They’re all full of distrust and doubt, too withdrawn to make a stranger a friend

Don’t let this run you dry, keep roaming down that highway—continuing to thrive
When you’re falling short, on the loosing side, remember that it all takes time to hitch a ride 

Young man with his hands on the cards, you know he knows how to play the game
The stakes are high, oh he’s wagging large,
He’s putting it all on the line, with nothing else to loose
Each player bids, the coins are tossed, its all in for them or they’re out
The cards are drawn and the young man plays two jacks, but at the other end, some shady sailor gets a jack and an ace and walks away with the pot

Don’t let this run you dry, keep roaming down that highway—continuing to thrive
When you’re falling short, on the loosing side, remember that it all takes time to hitch a ride 

There’s a child, with vision in his name, he’s got a whole life to dream of
He’s a curious case, with many things to see, looks above all the roadblocks
And in the crossroads, he see two men on each side
An old man on the left and a young man on the right
They’re stumbling on their feet, with their faith running dry
If only they could see through the child’s eyes

Don’t let this run you dry, keep roaming down that highway—continuing to thrive
When you’re falling short, on the loosing side, remember that it all takes time to hitch a ride 


The Cloud

Its silent and dark—in this desolate cloud
This trails vacant, not a man walks on down
Oh they dread in terror of the uncertain shadows

Oh but its only a game, go down this road, find the key to the doorway
Oh but it’s a shame, that not a sane man, can get past his worry and past his doubt
Whatever it is that brings you down, will in the end clear that cloud

Right now you complain and you stray from all the navigation, you say you’re lost
Its always the same in the circuit of fog that keeps you circling
But whatever it is that brings you down will in the end clear that cloud

Your vision is guided by a hazy tunneled lense
Try to turn on down an open road
And no matter how much pain you carry in your sullen wounds
That pain is to hold and live and learn—in time all will heal and grow

So walk on through, this vacant trail, that’s silent and dark, it holds your worries to face
Then the cloud will diminish and the sun will shine on grace
And no matter your injuries, no matter your strain
No matter your love that was lost, your ego diminishes too and leaves you with change
To break away from your cloud circuit of pain

The lessons taught, get up, move onward, get on your train

Head For The Hills

Head for the hills, into a cavern in ground
Hibernate your days in the seasons of the bitter shroud
Out in the dead meadows, people drain their world in their concrete jungle towns
These arid lands inhabits beings with closed minds
Let in with your love, theres no room for your ego in these times

I search for green up in the mountains far off
All I see in this region is steel and iron hearts
The townsmen live and rust for their greed and self-impulse
No regrets occupy them, their visions clouded by their earning wage

What do you do and where do you turn to, when all your lust replaces your virtue?
To think for yourself and let the world not concern you
How do you react when your hand is on the trigger, that leads to your reward?
Can you clutch your finger and watch him drain out for your gain?

When I look in your eyes, all I see is a bitter stare
What have they made of you, how did they get you to change?
You used to be such a delight, you use to be so wise
Oh maybe my propeller is just spinning backwards, in the age of some other time

Our heads are hazy in judgement, we know not right or wrong
Live today, you know I use to always say, but the present has some dubious morals
And as my reaction time beings slipping and I’m downing the bottle to mourn today
I think I’ll just head for the hills, you know I’ll be better off away


Blessing in Disguise

Through the night home to shadows and absent to light
I come to the crossroads to spot a man dressed in grey on my path
It is an old optimist, I asked him why I might see him on a night like this
He says son, sometimes a pessimist must be found to balance up your harmony

As one window is sealed another’s open wide
The truth is revealed accept it, dont you hide
As your intentions feel in vain, but they share in stake a surprise
They hold deep within you a blessing in disguise

Oh yeah its a blessing in disguise
Have you seen the vision, have you come to realize
That times are changing
Are you changing? 
The past has faded
Move on your present feet

As reluctant you feel be resilient and grow
Mend your sore wounds and patch them with magnitude 
Carry your pain and your pleasure, but not too much of each one and behold
That good, bad and ugly levels your soil

Train your posture to stand straight now, dont lean over dont fall
On the bridge your exposed, open the roof in your automobile
Take a great look at the skys and the ground and remember your on the road
Steer steady while cruising its a blessing keep your eyes open wide

Oh yeah its a blessing in disguise
Have you seen the vision, have you come to realize
That times are changing
Are you changing? 
The past has faded
Move on your present feet

Box of Blues

What a drag it is to be born on a island
With not another castaway around
I try to sail away from the shore, into great wide open blue
The fish are below, the birds are up high, but there’s no one by your side
Oh no mama, im a mime stuck in this box of blues
Where is the voice that I must use?

Oh where do I go when all my actions
Have directed me to constantly loose?
Is the strategy of my game always the same
Am I altering my attitude? Am I pushing through?
Oh no mama, im a mime stuck in this box of blues
Where is the voice that I must use?

And now I’ve made it to the city, im strolling down the avenue 
Cars they fly by this passenger, but never do I catch my name
Im wondering if im an ghost now, or an allusion that cant be heard or found
A silent crusader in the midnight streets, awaiting for us to greet
But oh no mama, im a mime stuck in this box of blues
Where is the voice that I must use?

If only you were listening
When i opened up my mouth and began to speak
My words whispered silence in your head
But in the streets they echoed the grand love that I sought out for you
Oh no mama, im a mime stuck in this box of blues
Where is the voice that I must use?


The Transformation

Wherever you’ve been, wherever you’ve gone
The road which you once roamed down is lost from the known
Moments they flash by, from one second to the next
Save the time which is bending or there’ll be no time to relax

As the past it is sinking, and the futures in clouds
A new road emerges, but there’s a smoke screen where it is found 
There’s a fire that’s torched, on a pyre of your home
Your old clothes are burning, your masks are all gone

One chapter is over, another begins
A new point of view will alter your skin as you grow
So take off your old shoes and get a new pair of your own
A new worlds in front of you, go on, grab your bone-and choose
To let the transformation commence
Fall out of your strangers shoes

When the walls come to crumble and the windows open wide
No time to just stay still like a statue on its stand
Let us bloom like a flower, grow our roots and begin to stem
Take a walk, take a chance, let the transformation commence 

When you can’t navigate, which direction to go
Follow the wind, which way it will blow
And wherever it leads you, you’ll come to accept and know
Times they are changing let the transformation commence

One chapter is over, another begins
A new point of view will alters your skin as you grow
So take off your old shoes and get a new pair of your own
A new worlds in front of you, go on, grab your bone-and choose
To let the transformation commence
Fall out of your strangers shoes

Open Up Your Heart

A lonesome man has got the blues. He never wins, he always lose’s
The world is down not up for him, he is a beggar for change 
His heart it aches for a love to find, but no one comes, and he can’t realize
To love himself within before, he goes out in the world searching for gold

Open your eyes
Takes a look inside
First open up your heart for yourself

A rich man’s holds all the gold and greed, but has yet to find the treasure he needs
He searches caves, he searches mines, but never he checks within the mind
He’s bought a lot, a lot of wives, to keep his hollow chest to thrive
And every divorce he mourns for more, to fill the empty spaces in his soul

Open your eyes
Take a look inside
First open up your heart for yourself

A little girl has lost her ways, she’s running down the mountain way
She flying by the dim of night and resting as the sun will rise
She has no path, no course to go. She only travels on faith and hope
That one of these nights a boy will show up to love her and give her all and more

Open your eyes
Take a look inside 
First open up your heart for yourself

The Bridge

In the morning of this solstice, of this Autumn age. 
Climb up the mountain where the horizon awakens,
Await here till the world begins.

Head on through the forest, through sweet grass and maple trees.
And see how the colours will arrange in decay,
And see how they fall when they change. 

Oh there is an opening.
In a meadow there is a stream.
On the East shore I see her standing there,
How I could hardly see.

The sun was just rising, as i glimpse to have found her.
The girl I saw last century.
Oh its been ages between us, and still there is time attached.
A bridge was not near us, the river was vast,

And so it was determined, suddenly I knew.
All that was between us, was water and lumber
There was only one thing I could do.
Oh i knew.

So I cut back the timber and lumber, with my axe and plaid I wore.
And worked every minute and moment till dusk,
As the sun went down below.

When darkness settled and shaded the day, which once was born;
I hammered my last nail in the maple log,
And walked across the stream. The bridge was made

She stood there awaiting me, with open arms as I came.
For all the time wasted between us had faded
And washed away in the bay.

Down by the river, I held her just like yesterday.
Oh time seemed so shallow and narrow this evening
And so did the current of this stream. 
The bridge was made 

Daisy Dream

I wake up, the day is dawning, and what is that I see?
Slumbering beside was the girl I saw once,
Last night in my dreams. 

I get up and I shake off, the soil from which I laid.
The moon was behind me, the sun was still rising,
I awaited which way the wind sways. 

Oh now I know, the Northern lights guide the way.
I leave behind something,
Everything from yesterday.
But the dream behind me, she walks with me to this day.

Never to leave from her, never to say goodbye.
We join hands and walk these streets. 
Always to live as one, always to say I love her
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream. 

And as we trail North bound, a river is in our lane.
Lets collect the lumber of cedar and redwood
and build us a ship for this stream. 
And a paddle to move onward, 
To still wander to our course.

And as we drift through the tide now,
We see the rapids soon ahead.
A bumpy ride it seems, through this narrow stream
We’ll be fortunate to not make it out dead. 

However I know something, that we can make it through.
This is all just a shake up,
Like when I waked up, with soil in my shoe.

For we together can make all of this through.
For we got something, today we have me and you.
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream.
My Daisy Dream. 


The Hex of The Iron Claw

In this world of mass confusion, where voices can’t be heard
And not in sight is there a microphone
The guardians hide them in room 101

Veracity is jammed from the signals of the radio tower
Duality is the powder of the snipers shott
The blood fill the streets now, as the holes in the heads are hollow
Structured just to start shooting, for the campaign of left and right parties

Manipulate you sorcerer, theres magick in the air
Most is dark, but theres still some light
Thats draining us, like the day at dusk

Manipulate the followers, manipulate the wise
Manipulate the children, from birth till the day they die/ fry

The theaters open this evening
The actors wear their mask’s, they play their roles
The crowd is eating the whole script up
As the message fails to sit down

The seats are armed with the lifelines—no one fails to see
That theres right and there wrong
But not the thin line in between

Oh theater speaker, what are these words you say?
Explain, what makes the crowd beg for a charade/ encore

Manipulate you sorcerer, theres magick in the air
Most is dark, but theres still some light
Thats draining us, like the day at dusk

Manipulate the followers, manipulate the wise
Manipulate the children, from birth till the day they die/ fry

We’re running and dry and helpless
At this pace theres no time to think
We need our, but there’s no time
To rest and settle down

The gears continue turning, in this machine man
Oh how is this motor still roaming, with no gas in the can?
Oh the hex of the iron claw, drains this movement to colide.
In the wall 

Cold Apologies

The postman came to meet me at the door today
I thanked him kindly as I knew what the news had brought me
A letter card, from my girl, a prolonged messaged I waited for a week
Time stood still, for this patient man, as the hour glass drained its last piece of grain

Her words arrived, written in ink, I read out loud her cold apologies
Oh her sincerity, said she wasn’t in the mood
But her futile phrase seemed to mean nothing, what could I do?
When you say something with no meaning to your speech
When you believe in something, but dont have faith in it to preach

Oh the uncertainty began to mark the silver door
Was it locked or open for me now, anymore? I dont know

The hollow tree that nest’s the animals was vacant 
A bit deprived it was, as the termits ate it
And carved a message up on a branch above
“Cold apologies fall in decay like the leaves in autumn”
“Cold apologies fall in decay like the leaves in autumn”

Inside the hollow prison, the empty spaces of your heart
Does there hold forgiveness or sympathy in there?
Is there even a key to get in between? 

Paint me a portrait of my eyes
Read them so you can understand
That they’re clouded from these raindrops
Will you place the puddles in your sketch?

Oh the uncertainty began to mark the silver door
Was it locked or open for me now, anymore? I dont know

The hollow tree that nest’s the animals was vacant 
A bit deprived it was, as the termits ate it
And carved a message up on a branch above
“Cold apologies fall in decay like the leaves in autumn”
“Cold apologies fall in decay like the leaves in autumn”


The Mirror That Reflects My Madness

Oh criticize, don’t be shy, you’ll only help me out
Take a jab, oh I’ll be glad, you wont put me down
And if you try to make me cry, you wont glimpse a frown
It’ll only shine a bit of light on things I must work out

You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
Finding damage for me to fix
You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
You expose my faults that I have missed
And never are you troubling me with all these little dis
You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
Finding damage for me to fix

No your not a hurting, burden, to me you are my friend
Sorry if you don’t meet eye to eye, with me, I do pretend
I feel a little sympathy for your horror stare
In my eyes I seem to find that love is everywhere

Until the time our minds align, keep on keeping on
For me and many other souls you find what makes us whole

You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
Finding damage for me to fix
You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
You expose my faults that I have missed
And never are you troubling me with all these little dis
You’re the mirror that reflects my madness
Finding damage for me to fix

Balance Out

In 29 days your orbit around us
Until you reach full in the night’
And every so often you join us
Twice in a month in the sky—that’s blue

Blue moon you turn the sky to azure
Filling the night with lunar gloom
The city sleeps, but the lanterns stay up
Building clouds that abstract your blue light

Level down, fade to dim
Let your lantern burn out
You are blue and so is the moon
Use this night, balance out
Learn from your wrong, solve your doubts  
This lessons is again balance out
Balance out

And when you roam the bewildered town
In the state of confusion
The streets are cold, the cars fly by for a brief collision
Never stopping, talking to get a real understanding
Clear the road, a barricade stands at every street
There in the need of fixing holes
To balance
To form prime health
To cure the cancer that drags you down
They must balance out
Balance out


The Festival of Colors

Shades of rainbow have clouded our minds
Children we all are of bliss of the light
We’re gathering this summer as dancers tonight
Sunshine come with us, we long for reward
Throw us some color
We seek tie died eyes

The fields swarm us in florescent haze
From raindrops that cover with misty touch
Puddles grow flowers shaped in our sign on love
Shaped in our sign of love
Shaped in our sign of love
Shaped in our sign of love

And they glow as firefly’s, dusk shall set in
In the ring of peace they unite
Like hummingbirds singing freedom to us all
As we heard in the glimmering radiance

Come together sisters and brothers
Beneath the moon let us croon
A soft calm melody

Tonight we rejoice true ecstasy to the Gods and devine
Tonight we make contact by forming Angels of us all

The energy is enriching
We found solace all around us
Fortified from attack, our protectors has come on home
Free yourself creatures of the night
Dance pretty children as the colors fill the sky

Come to see the sunshine now


Wander On

I’m the character of your novel and now its time my figure departs.
I played my role in your story, taught you lessons that guide the path—
of your plot

And now its time that you ramble/wander on.
You hold my wisdom, you carry my thoughts.
I’ve given you all, everything I got
You’re journey awaits you 
Its time that you wander on. 

The leaves are dancing in the air of Autumn
As the bitter season approaches near 
I am a man that’s home of the scorching region 
Its best that I find my way from here.

You’ve got to bloom my darling Daisy
Time cant stand still, you need to grow
Your story is only just beginning
We must both be leaving
Its time that we wander on.

But don’t you think that I’m abandoning, you
Ill always be near, right in your heart 
Think not of this, as I don’t desire your love no more
I’ve paid my time, you need me no longer,
As I’ve opened up your door 

Now you must wander, wander, wander on
Now you must wander, wander, wander on
The door is open, but your path has just begun
Now you must wander, wander, wander on 


Picasso Poem

The village appeared in shades of coalesce
Born on a canvas in the architects landscape 
Rooted stems grew spades and clovers from gardens
A maiden named Lily was living there
The fertility of her naked vessel bloomed mountains in her arch proportion
Clouded by smoke in the presence of her dwelling
Down below flames formed battle
In outrage of the foreign party destructing local creation

This bewildered jungle of concrete plutonium, used tools of pipers
To make dancers of us all
These streets stray satyrs, captivating children
With entrancing melody

The young live free, wildly, fear riden 
Set apart from global expectancy 

Can you imagine a world detached from chaos and burden?
Without fears or worry?
Wouldn’t it be amazing?

The town rained in ashes, occurring diurnal
Retreat to the hill side
Vacate with your Lily and children 
In ivory tower you can be one, with no boundary
In height exodus, you can see in collective perception

Remember the hillside is just an abstraction 
Don’t forget to come on down here and there
Smell the roses and garden
Share that vision with the towns people,
with collective answering
They crave reward, awaiting for your return 

Death danced around the haunted corpses—cool and pretty
Smiled and broke silence with echoing laughter, he fled the town.
Darkness settled, dawn was approaching
Ghost they wandered the empty streets of New Orleans
Lost travellers racing the rising sun
Where have they gone?
Where are they going too?
Mysteriously they wonder where are they now?
In void capture, slaughtered from their shell
Ready to roam free
Their train is coming
Await the Raven
His claws will carry you to the tunnel
Aboard your wheels
Take it to the other side
Of vast regions
Where bondage remains—shallow
Over here grows boundless planes of travel
Would you dare chase after another shell
before the morning rise?

The Killer smiles, His laughter echoes in the silence
of envious vanity.
He longs for the escape.

The streets they crowd in lament. It’s raining.

Turn the channel

Oh lonesome girl, caught up by doubts and worries
You give me the blues, your image is toxic
Its spreading on the news

What a horror show it is
Pick or chose to turn the channel
The now is new, it is you, your free will controls it.

What a courtesy it is 
To break all those spirits, spreading your virus
Do you feel the guilt? 

Who is the man? What is the plan?
You know I got to know
If you’ll turn the channel soon

Silver is second, gold is old
The race is in play, don’t be sold
Be bold, take your time what’s the hurry? /there’s no hurry

Your drowning in deep, your in the sea
In the blue, able to flow freely
Sail easy, back on the surface

Drop the chains, drop the chores
Drop control, drop your clothes
Set apart from bondage, of news creation

Shall you feel light and feel bright
Or feel dark in the dim
And contain the heavy hold?

Now you got to pick and choose to turn the channel
Now you got to pick and choose to turn the channel
Now you got to pick and choose to turn the channel
The now is new, it is you, your free will controls it and the flicker



What is right? What is wrong?

At the belief table of servants and sovereigns 
Is it a game? Where is the blame?
If a crime occurs, what is the penalty?
And who speaks the jury?  

Will they all come from the kingdom?
Will they all come from the slum?
Will they all be from the West or Eastern worlds? 
Will there be a mix of diversity? Of all regions

With altered shades, beliefs and teachings
With differed past’s and conditions
Where they all wear there own shrouds of morality— 
for their reality

Can we just take the perspective of one
and claim that as our policy’s?

Now my honor will you reason
With the intentions of this culprit and there actions?
Did he mean to harm?
or was it the shape of his nature?

Take a soldier, take a psycho
Both are killers, sinners, peace disturbers
Should they each face an equal trial?
Are they the same person?

What do they’re structures state of beliefs and teachings
From they’re past and fate, what are they’re conditions?
Should they be set free—from conviction

Well tell me my honor, is the jury of diverse decision?
With fair trail and conviction?
Taken in their beliefs and teachings
of morality—for their reality? 



Elevate to the mountain side
To the peak, where you can overshadow the harbor and village
Over yonder there be actors playing roles of madman and chiefs and guards
Over here there be sky and stars
Will you feast tonight in the home of the hawks nest?
Invite a guest. Join us.
He’ll spare some wings and let us coast in the wild breeze—like angels
C’mon baby take my hand tonight—let’s fly.

Witness the woods and the creatures that dance beneath your eyes
Liston to there whispers, that there shadow seems to hide
Taste and lick the vision and come to realize
We are one and all searching for the next climb—
to rise and elevate

Not escape, but capture a new time
Not to fear, but love a new age
Not to miss, but to catch the real game
Not to lose, but to win your real fate

Come one, come all
The mountains are calling the way
Come one, come all
They will help us elevate—our mind
Elevate our mind
Elevate our mind
Help us find our self design—yeah, yeah, yeah
C’mon baby, take my hand—let’s fly. 


July Fire

The gears in drive, ready to go?
Heading to the highway on the fast lane ride
Two wheels turning, engine is moaning
Sun and exhaust burn in the July fire

Traditional values, make ritual return
To the great lake, to the famous Port 
A games in play and the snake played an ace
He won the draw with 13 large

Outlawed butchers and outlawed hogs
Capture the village and capture the wrong
There taking things over, from the pigs and the guards
Rule book burning in the July Fire

Diametric jackets of angels and devils
Madman laughing at the funeral pyre
Corpse they walking, see the skulls and crossbones
No man living, just hogs on the road

Yeah they roam the town
Yeah they own the crowns
Yeah they get around
With wild sounds that purr 
From there outlaw motor
of the July fire
of the July fire
of the July fire of hogs exhaust


Time is an illusion.
A sphere of spiralled angling—continuum
Never to be being,
But cosmic in radiation.
Bounded by the perceiving children of infancy’s channelling
Pharaoh gods break through stars twirling—there ancient.
Through past and pre told fate
of folding space and bending time.

Can we all flow through straight or curved lining of century’s?
Show me the station; I’ll purchase my ticket.
It’s on the highway of the hillside
Roaming on the fast lane—can you catch it? 

Which way do I turn?
To the left, where open distance shows me the whole line?
Or to the right, where twisted covering of the trails,
grows roots that rise high in unknown certainty. 
Follow where the wind blows
The gust drifts right—Let’s turn.

The tree’s they echo with whispers
Speaking words in silence of forgotten language.
Can you hear what there chanting? 
It’s the harmony of music. 

Play the lost chord, deliver the vocals of there tongues symphony.
They own the map, which locates your discovery.
Communicate wandering seeker.
Speak the words of ghost creation mystic man.
Unravel infinite visions
of diamond eyes and immaculate perception—and wisdom.

There you will unlock secrets that’s forbidden from policy.
The ones from the chambers that are chained on the wall
And buried under security of archaeology of our ancestor’s.
Should the veracity of those chambers be announced?
Or remain unspoken?
Let’s enlighten the truth through song of hysteria ecstasy. 
And bring belonging of full abundant to our souls.
Let us begin the map is ours to behold.
Shall we follow?


Hegira Weald

Migrate to that settlement of your warmth—dawning
In the beginning where you rose dreams and gleamed stars
There will you awaken your minds vacancy?             
There will you capture it wide open?

Let me take you to the mountain side
Where we can rise in angels’ delicacy
In the midst of our soulful belonging                      
We’ll find love and comfort all around us
Where neighbours dance and chant and play

Beneath the moon my children lay
Beyond the twigs and soil’s sand
They sing, they croon the melody
The vast soft ancient beat

Round they go the flickered flame
Cruising on wings of bliss
Entranced in the state of sleep
Nurturing their heads in lakes of dreams             

Enter now, this town of trees
Join the unit’s tribe
See now the aid, our soulful touch
The remedy, we ease to provide—

“What is it here, that’ll wake me up
That’ll set my brain to depth?                    
The beating heart, of drums you bash
The brewing smoke you puff and pass?”

We do not bring you here for wrong
We offer just sanctum peace
A place where you can rest your chains
And break on through in Nature’s liberty state

I hope you know we bring no harm
Just visions of the truth
A way to see beyond the wall
Beyond the gates that rise in fortress tall

“Are you to tell me, you mean to free
My weary burdened mind?                       
To detach my life from melancholy
To detach it from all the hard ache cries?”

“Yes my child, my son, my friend
We come to bring you love and warmth                 
Just take a pinch of nepenthe
And walk on through our home
Our valley’s departure”
I’ll calm the crawling king snake
At the edge of our town 
May my words be the holder
From the toxic bite
To bear our walls, our rights!
To save from capture
of the toxic bite of war
of war! 

Sly and cunning mates at feet
There guns and cannons roar 
Moving down the sullen street
Breaching through the doors 

Where is the red light
To halt there horror? 
Where is the green light
The revolt, the gorilla force? 

We’re at the capital city
Not the commune town
The crawler he’s a cheating
The cities minds the cities bounds

What a buyer not a builder
To climb on high
of a fortress of a castle
You know the kings crawling straight to the top


Take me down to the heart of the city
Yeah, down to frisco town
Cruise in smooth, on a bus full of hippies
Playing songs and singing love

The show’s in tune and we got our tickets
And its free, you know were all involved 
Gathering around for just peace and the music
You know thats all its about

The stage is lit and same those lighters
The grass and trees burn in that fire
And were dancing round the heart of the city 
Down in frisco, where people play and sing so much love 

Get your brushes, make your art
Paint your spirit in every colour 
Set no limits, touche no black
Boundless visions, made to make all that can 

In the summertime where the streets grow flowers
On top of all the heads 
of the people that came for the venue
Telling tales of how they’ll stay there

Where they will find there shelter, to pitch there tent
And meet a neighbour, a new brother, a friend
And we can all reside on the happy avenue
With hands together heading to the show 

Where we will play our songs
Singing, so much love
Down in frisco town-
Where were home 
On the right avenue 

There was a path which led to gold
Where kingship seeked to find
Veiled and covered beneath the old
of lost sold concealed tribes

Can you discover the land of jewel
Which holds all riches of time
A covenant of truth before
The life of all man kind

And so another pilgrim seeks
For land of sanctum secrets exposed in prime
A sign, a trace, a tip-off lead
A guide which takes you to the promised land
And it will linger through the sand—sand—sand
And hibernate for that chance—chance—chance
To bring light to all—and all—and all—and all—and all
So keep on questioning all—and all—and all—and all
And don’t you sink and fall— and fall—and fall—and fall
Beneath there hidden hex—hex—hex—hex

Oh can’t see the purity
Below the twigs and soil
Its not gone gone gone
not gone
Its not gone gone gone
Oh not gone
Nooooooooooooooo oh
Oh not gone
Oh not gone

And if I die
I surely hope you’ll cast me off to sea
and watch me drift off far through Caribbean blue

And as I stray, away through the tide
Light my flesh up in searing blaze—
And as the smoke shall fade
It’ll cast my soul just free

The exodus has shaped for path
In a way of timbers green
How else would one die
In preference
Would they rather be graved?
In a hole beneath the sand?

Where your bones would rest in decay
Then rather parish to cast your soul in a pyre
or rather parish concealed, in deep grim grey?
In a hole, and crumble to dust
Take me away
Where I can float on sun light horizon
And feel the glance of searing shade

Here in departure
I shall reunite my distant’s past
In beginning
I shall grasp all and more

This is the home of wilderness
Roots of trees in soil
Grounded in the mist of it
of purity, of impeccable hold

I want to blend within the trees
Not in towering brick
To climb the set of stairs so high
A glance to meet the sunsets sky
In another days posture
Enclosed from truth and freedoms rights
You know not right nor wrong
A life you live in pitch of night
A game that breaks no silver shroud

Your unaware of wavy streams
Just the global track
Round and round in circuits set
of paths which lead to grief

A circus crest of puppeteers
The joker played his scheme
Unravelled yet forever more
For all shall eternally sleep

But do you long for such aethlings
To save us from this dream?
To wake us up from distant days
And aid us from these realms  streets
of fallen departure?

And all around you; war defeats
You’re fighting your own battle
The game of thrones for kings and queens
Sways you too bloodshed states
of graves to sea
I condemn you, for you have sinned a thousand crimes
In the eye of the beholder
You are lost in the odious for time.
I finish you now, to be forgotten
Forever more, you shall clash the barriers
of gates in Hades prime.
In voyage you will not find a door
But merely just a glimpse
of memories to fall back on
To glance at all your wrong.

And if you stumble and come to find
You will learn all words of wise
For only you, now stand alone
And hold the keys to treasure shores
of liberties escape

Will you climb the the mount of alps
That rise far in the sky
And confess your sins
of a thousand heinous crimes
That corrupt the souls of a thousand innocent lives?

Another turn, another end
Lofty lifts that shower power
Abscond retreat with nowhere to flee
Ascending in chains and fright through the rings
—of sorrow

Can you see the doorway?
With no entry or exit sign?
Can you feel the congestion?
In the cramps of spaces and time?

Cinder stacks of steel led screens
Where is the hole beneath your dreams?
A passage to guide you through the scene
To clash back to mothers life?

And so you’ll seek for cricks and cracks
To snag through quick, through boundaries tracks
And catch a glimpse of realms sea
Behind the light, in sky’s so free
V1)Hibernate in your cosmic isolation
Hidden in a desert field of infancy
Only here may you capture true freedom
Only here you can find a true tribe of constitution 

Stray within a wilderness
Through a forgotten shadow of lost times
Re-create an immaculate association
Of a endured free will tribe

Your bones shall bear within these grounds
Standing heavy invitingly
Alluring all to come or fall
For some shall stay or stray and sail

Rest your weary hands upon this land
Join us together and we will stand
Along this highway we’ll glide and wait
For little twists and cracks to state

V2) This is a country of our estate
For you must flee here and now vacate
Oh tell me sir, whose land is this
Is this land of your?
I was mistaken
of whose ownership, this land consisted of
You once told us, this was free
This land you said, here there is no debate
So turn on back and march on off
For our change has come, no more to wait

V3) You say these drastic actions 
Are but not wise, but foolish anarchy
But let us decide
Which true side shall be let be

For we have glided far enough
We’ve come to a fork along our road
Now we shall stand here in dissent
Together we shall clash for more

And if we divide we will fall
So chain and bundle upon this shore
Our coast is slim exclusively 
But not our clout consort 

So merge within this baggaged pack
Thats searches for much  more
And leave behind your decayed life
Your corrupt alluring war 

The weight of vain, of captive chills
So bitter as the stab of knives
A sting of ache that sheds your heart
Bounded in soul misery

And if the stars may start to fall
I surely hope some light will shine on me
To feel the the anime of mornings dusk
In that hour of full harmony

And as I know, I can always long
For journeys to the east
A bondage of breaking away
As a pilgrim to spread my wings

And still I’ll yearn, But surely know
How helpless life would ever seem
In the heart of a drudge dim day
As the weight rains down on me

So guide me lady to break the chains
And let the raptures essence flow in stream
I need to sway in rivers or lakes
In drift currents of natures ease

Where no bindings grasp my heart
Just a remedy 
Please me like a slumbers dream
So eternal with no departing phase
And what on earth do you say we do next?
When not a tree in the soil, roots left
When not a fish in the rivers lives at all?

And then can we realize the real—of this season of grime
That lacks to protect the future of time
In the end were all feeble and crippled, right down to the bone
And so will our mother, our father, at the end of the road

Oh savior oh savior, our guardian of life
Won’t you consider a treaty to turn around tonight

The room’s sinking empty and so is the tide
And so is the fire that burns out the light 

Decayed decrypt turnings, were headed to the dark
A point of break, of no sun or stars
Just moon to howl in madcap laughs to the far

And in this state of dusk so dim 
Where not a light has shone 
A life where not a soul has breath
For all thats pure from natures home is gone

And so I’ll ask you this one more time
Protector, protect us from your own
From all the egotistic legion ways
You’ve brought us from the young

A chart, a plot, a scheme, a will
To mechanize this monster esk hell
A machine that lives on blood of steel
That fabricates this end of yours to hell
Its all a disguise

To hide themselves behind shrouds veil
To seal away our chastity 
In the hearts of the divine spell

Can you sense the true liberty
Its fading away
It gone
In the mire air of waste

And if there was some way to ease all the pain?
An aid to shelter, the poor and all the strays
To seize the weight of currency 
And divide it all, to those in need

How could it be?

In the this democrazy 

And would you consider our leader, our captain a king?
That treats us like cattle, like infants and peasants so weak
And cant they administer the castles for more then there queens?

      not in this democrazy 
        not in this democrazy
        not in this democrazy!!!
To walk on frost river
Dancing and frolicking in laughter
To bear the weight of false collapse

Can you feel the soulful mist
The brewing gust of life
The veiling charm of grounds you mark
The shroud of oceans tide?

Awake now my child my son
Depart onward prance forth with me
And let me guide you far beyond
Through gates of eternities green

Shall you come to dwell in height
To venture in heavy growth
To rise not fall and branch your wings
To glide in clouds of love of dreams of all
And as I walk these streets
Gaze the past ache steps, that mark my way
Hollowed dusk dazed hours 
These are the days of forgotten yarn’s 

Will ya re-elect the asylum
Of the gloaming times of lies
Disguised to be so innocent 
So un-detective was your heinous hymn 

You’ll celebrate your earnings
Over shadowing us in height so wise 
For sure we are so frail and descendent 
In captured gates in which we hide 

In constraint pain we hide— yet so disclosed 
In rooms not doors 
In graves not homes 
Inside secured cells— of the unknown 
The great unknown
Life of truth thats concealed— in uncertainty 
Of mournful love
Of mournful love 
Do you confide true treason of mournful love?

For those who long to know
The time of true nature blossoms
Behind the walls
Which rise, which should fall

And wouldn’t it be so soothing
Too laugh with joy—In triumphs glow
To feel the sunshine warmth upon our necks
Which currently frost with ice and snow

Oh, save us, from this frigged wreck
From this legion, of black heart souls
I know you all must feel the thunder 
Of wrath, of so much horror

Oh father, rest your divine hands upon our soil
And bless us all, for lessons of
No more mining of gold

To cure our ache’s of wealth of power,
To set us free
From our own grasp and hold; 
Of chains we grow
Sway, drift ambley along comforts oasis 
Migrate daintly in lily’s garden side
Here in serenity’s posture
You’ll find butterfly’s 
And the sweet scent of lilac’s blossoming

Can you sense the velvet abundance 
In drift freedom of zephyrs elegancy
In broad radiance of riches
In tranquil’s tower?

This is the land of mellow harbouring
Where aegis guardians seal penetration
Shielding in salvations keeping
Unharmed from morose attack

Sullen severons or mischief leaders
Can’t find this trail of cosmos beat
There lost and gone with no revival 
No chance to glance or meet

Starry sun soothe luxury
Spangled in shimmering gleam
This terrain of elders inhabitcy
Is branched with peace and ease

So bear this sand of surreal feel
And hold it close upon your shore
Bundle here in Canaan’s azure
In harmony, in ecstatic joy
And its funny whats they say
Whats surreal and in tune
What is the jesters act
That frolics in a casual groove

It moves in softly, when your at rest
When all is solid, stark and best
Then so suddenly, you turn feeble
And all comfort strays (or fades?) 

So can you help me when im down
When im not sturdy, to the ground?
Will you aid my lapse
Before I start too fry

And if I shiver or collapse
I surely hope you’ll be by my side
And help my pick up
The trails which I once sailed goodbye

And its funny now
How we once said goodbye
And its funny how
You left me to burn out and dry
No nature blossoms 
No flowers bloom
In iron core sands, of earth’s rot gloom 

Fractured spirits, of mothers glory
Now all have bereave broke wings
Lost and gone with no revival
Drift far cast out to sea

Shredded flames of flutter fire
Has all fuel dozed to decease?
Do you still dance your game I ponder
That if your ardor still glances shriek 

So shall i soar so high in altitude
Shall I fly right too the moon
And play your game and  frolic in laughter
With a jargon talking wit whack crews

Like all of you?
Can you sense the negligence
All around us, in sunk sold minds?
Is there a breathe of innocence
of purity, in our dry dusk lives?

Barter barter, you’ve got a fluid drive
In a dement transmission, to rule round wide
Your obscure currency has a daunt dimed vibe
To strike so enforcively with your stock swine tribes

And yet so curiously, I ponder upon a thought
How your immensity, can morally
Just rot through soil’s sod

And so ill venture wide through far
Through kingdom’s shrines and mountain tops
To cleanse the ruins of yesterdays chastity
To cleanse our bones, our minds

And then you’ll sense true harmony
The tranquility of comforts rest
A home where you can shed not blood
Not tears not fear not greed

And ill resurrect a fish flow era
Where the birth rised immaculate kings
And pigs will fly, away they’ll stride
To let us rest at ease

A gaze that fades far through wide
Over looking the breathe of sea
A towering mate sure can confide
No truth, no unity

I can’t pretend your preaching speech
Is meant for brothers wide
To protect not young, not dames, not men
Just payers of Richards Reich 

Global wide, country side
Oh how does your lisp overtake?
Old and young, blind and deaf
All too die alive in defeat 

And as we cross the miles line
The journey of life long dreams 
At death we fall alone un-scene 
With goals that will now not be

Erase a life of full for-fill 
Meaningless to the systems mind
Just another breathe of lunatics
Fighting for there fight

Certainly no comfort speaks
You drudge your playing games
Awake from rest and blindfold shades
And open up your mind to see
Through boundaries gate
From all the troops who ticked through time
Who fought the battleground
Who fought for truth for freedom’s rights
Who employed legion venomous growls 

Were they deranged from orders sent
Which crossed the mothers lines
Which irked the heart of fathers breathe
Whom brought thee overdrive

Were at a war within our sect
Beneath the twigs and soil
In which we constructed our own mess
From bewilderment blindfold trials 

Yet we still plunder the battle cry
Empirical Kings still run us dry
The natures tide still plashes construction
With detentive ways and destruction

From disordered ordered pig pin men
They ring the bell, as sirens drone
Here comes the dog meat they are not men
They say there simply flesh and bones

Send one on in, watch him drowned 
In Armageddon in there lustful town
This is not warfare this is a game
An occupation a heinous trade
 An occupation an harvesting wage
And we must rage! Rage! Rage! Rage!
Their patrolling night and day
The streets are empty
And the night is fade

You linger through the evening era
Searching for 
For some hidden ground

Dreaming of all seconds back
A time back then
We could all relax
The time is weary
But we remember so
Try to hide, its your only way to go

Can you find your escape
Were now on lock down
And the freedoms grey
The fear is fierce
Where the sorrow pours
We long for you, but your gone we know

Oh where’s you go now?
You slipped away?
A sweet escape wow…

Your gonna dig a hole now x3
You know your gonna dig a hole now

In a hollow cavern
Hide in your shell
That’s how you isolate
Stay inside, its your get away
You swayed to far your gone today

But you left behind some wallowed tracks
Some cricks and cracks in our backs
Our lives are eerie from your sorrowful dread
You’ve left us empty, worrying, corrupting our heads

Oh how the game has changed
You’ve left us rule bound
From the darkness you’ve made
Freedom strayed, as the fear invades
Oh how the silver and grey has rained

Hallowed streets they are motionless
Now we are shivering in an arctic of bliss
Can you remember the warm feeling before this mess
Before the greed, terror, before distress

So where’d we go now?
We slipped away how?
Oh were gonna dig a hole now
You made us dig a hole now
You’ve shaded are constitution wow
You know were gonna dig a hole now

Killer King, killer fein
Tell me where is your bride
Is she a morose Apolyon
Or is she your tribe

Lunacy will you flutter
Thats one thing you can’t hide
This zones land, was a dog land
Until you chose to confide 

The true genocide
You jettisoned our land
Dreary eyes condemn you
Sending such shivers down to your hands

Are you playing the jester’s revival card
Are you frolicking us with lies
Mischiefing us in illusion
With deranging jibber jabbering?… yeah

Now you set aside the salvation
Now you chained our dreary lives
With sullen current variancy
With dissent in our weary eyes

You know you resurrected
The captive villager whines
Just over the hill
Silence echoes through your very ear
The maiden chants the forgotten tales
You once heard

And through your eyes, your in disguise
You glimpse a vision, you start too realize
Drifting further, your near
But can you find?

The stolen sets of antiquity
The ancients ruins of artistry
Where will we and where will we be
Without the regulation of your distant dream?

Will you linger through or carry on
The fringing desolate sea
Familiar through just obscured sight
Will you capture it and set us free

Certainty is a mystic
Concealed up from the crown
Daunting to expose it
For its shrouded us with no doubt

They say there empire is a legion
Indelible with no collapse
But honestly, you blind should see
All thats said, is all vast lapse

Now one can blunder and one can lie
And all can break and all can die
So realize what’s in disguise
And set us true and free
To find whats real

Cool elegant spheres
See how they flutter to a northern currency
Rising rising
Upward to flee, so freely 
In harmony

Straying distantly
Finally they come to an epiphany
A wild turn occurs
Is this the end?
Is this- beginning?

A sound of an iron gong awakens all watching who’re restless
They witness for once
True clarity at its finest center peak
A revival of pure wisdom has now been awoken
Only now to be captured, by souls of the living 
Souls of the unknown

In a sudden peak of sweet solitary
All has seist to exist, vanished in the breathe of wind
Yet not forgotten
So effortless its deceased 
Yet re-given a chance of being 
Where only true liberty is fortresses

If one can endure such impeccable fantasy
To be so free, immaculate, in natures shadow
Can’t we all seek such jewel discovery 
In existence else where
In constitution of true harmony
In eternity posture?
Listen, sleep, to the sunset song
Drift down stream, upon a dream
In a allusive ray an altered shade
Where a trance of daze is made

Can you perceive true mind of daft
To think outside your normal state
Sinking down through shrouded fate
To discover long lost finds

Can you remember 
Your child’s past
Living warmly so vast and free?

To resurrect such immaculate currency
First you must find your sea

You’ll live in harmony, of natures tribe
In a true salvation, where love is live
You’ll be aware of your great despise 
Which frolics nowhere in the systems mind

Wisdom is crowned in jewel of gold
It shows the truth, of kingdoms despair
Eternal madness shall come to end
With logic flutters flow through the air
And i have learned how divings done
How pail and shadows gleam and gloom
Resurrected my child’s beginning
With laughter and dancing strides
Upon the moon

Tell me how your freedom flows
On cotton lands that dawn spruce grows
Yearning for all and more
So limitless your shore will show

No demons mock me nor angels run
Wild chaotic ruins, steam sullen currency away
Stray to a cell, rotting, forgotten in a distant dream
Of past corrupt days

Can you taste your sense of epiphany
Tingling so warmly
In the spirits of tides
So elegantly?
Pour and pour and pour some more
They do not care of waste that sheds 
Your blood is spilled and the streets are dead
The grass is filled upon their hands

They sit in comfort, upon their shrine
To crave for more wasteless needs
We are the back bone of their crimes
But surely they are the thieves

Are you a part of there wise treason
I know how it overcomes
Whole and wide and wide and whole
The whole world is over done

Corrupting fiends of black cold hearts 
These aren’t true kings or queens
There shrouded up with blissful ways
But surely they dim the day

Blue is crown empirically 
You know its not shinning green
The gloom is shaded manipulatively 
But pale has faded away 
Oh bitter black, ripper Jack
Your severe weather dreads me
Like a doldrums act

Your prison mocks me
It’s striking back
Will your arctic lark me
With a cruel attack

Oh Severin Severin 
How has the day shaded grey
Your treasons lurking
Dividing your doctrines to stray

Will you compose a dog land
Will ya daunt our lives
With sullen rivers 
Of our weary eyes

Oh bitter black, ripper Jack
Will you run us dry
We have gathered here today
In the vast perimeter
Ascending to your latitude
Of your untrained eye

This is the land where your father died
Where your sullen and aborted currency
Has forsaken us with madness and laughter
Only here may true desire await

Can you sense the druid echo of infancy
All around us, forgotten in times left stranded
Only now to be resurrected 
Come again!
Save us! 
Expose us!

We’ve drifted here, wandering wandering
Seeking, seeking, an aborted shadow that lingers
Lingering here! Now! To save us!
In memory from divine mockery
From our fraudulent, nefarious crimes we’ve made
That have for stayed, upon our refined unsoiled land

Sorry father grant us one more wish
To seize the day, of forgotten prevalence
And of mis-conception 
Sea of red, sky of grey
Shades are searing, roast they fade
But let us reinvent, the social race
With cosmic revolt and determined ways

We ain’t out numbered, have faith to stride
Our crews a legion, a pack thats live
Ever you consider, whats in stake
A new solution, to produce and make

Were at a war with our own kind
To fight from greed, from dearth, for rights
For immaculate freedom, from our towering mates
Lets concur region back to its natural state

The walls shall splinter, in the streets of dust
Wilderness evolving, all else shall rot and rust
Were closing in from our demurring pack
Our ground is heavy, together we stand and revolt back
Our Father, Our Wine, Our Youth Design
A pipe-man faun along the firth
Bewildered in vines of grapes
Plays the flute of seductive rays
An intriguing lullaby to dames

Oh you dear maiden 
A fine traveler in the wild
Do you fancy my shim and chime
A tune of Silenus tribe

We are a decedent of the God of wine
Pleasure, poems and disarray
We leave a trail of obscured vibes
In prints in which we trace 

A blissful dance we prance for games
Frolic in such laughter in madness we rain
Spree through trees so green were free
Nothing too fear here, just peace, harmony
Sea Music

Throughout the mist
Through dusk ship flows
Comes the ghost sailed crew

It rides the tide
Of mystic ruins
Along the wide big blue

And if one who seeks here
For treasury gold
They will venture wide

For only souls
Of the unknown
Can find, whats in disguise 
So you can plunder your anchors roar
Clash in maroons rage
Occupy this vacant monsoon 
But none shall stay or stray

You’re in the heart of Poseidon’s fury
Upon his battleground
These are rivers of haunted worries
Daunting to plash about

For only free men enter here
Not those Kings or Queens
None with tepid black holed hearts 
Can wander here just plunge beneath (can plunge beneath)

Only those who dive in depth 
Who carry sanctum truth
Can swim and flutter the wild tide
Beneath the wide big blue

Part I) So shall i crash a wreckage upon my rigid ship
Ill set the sails along the coast line, momentum at my feet
Drift down stream through an ocean tide
Till the tables turn and greet

The anchor runs aside the shore, digging at the ground
At last i found the ringing bell, the immaculate sound of ease
I draw in nearer no sign of fear
As the hurricain trails at my feet

I stay nor stray, i’m grounded down
I’ve found what ive longed to meet
The wild card, the jeesters feast
The mad shaped gold mine is what i see
And as im drawing nearer, I shall awake

Part II) Silence echoes through my eerie skin
Morph shaped madness has forged within
Ive got the silver the bronze and gold
All of what i posses, is what i behold

My catacylsm has rested beneath
My ocean tide, my red sea it seems
Oh havoc rissing, there’s a storm it breaths
Its greeting us, through a distant dream

Ascending through a bizarre feel
For it comes right through us, yet not comes quite nearer
Is this a rapture, of my own make
A self destruction and arid mistake

Shall my gloomius torture, scream suprise
And let sorrow sink in, or shall i soar high


V1)Well now caress me, my darling my natures child
Don’t you posses me and turn me to be wild
Cause there’s some sort of exclusive vibe, nagging at your song
Its like a shim a chime, I only get along

Cause your wilderness is aching at my feet
Like a boat which shakes through the midnight stream
You scream and howl, but you won’t let go
Cause your grips so keen ready to explode

Chorus) Oh well you my darling, my natures child
Your presence overwhelms me, its turning me wild
Cause your possession seeps within my soul
Cause your penetration aches at me, it goes right on through

V2) And a shake a shiver is receding down my spine
Its rich its heavy, like a luxurious wine 
Has possession overturned, to a point where i can’t let go
Well now darling your presence has now sunk within my soul

Oh your deceptive games are filled with a scheme 
Like a compulsive ray, which draws me too your needs
Your heart is hollowed, yet filled with so much more
Its like a guide which tickers for my ovations roar

V1)And the moon is in crimson
Blood tied in the twilight sky
You say the day has rested
But its searing high, yet dimed to die

In a radiant region 
Balanced rhythm has stumbled wide
Disorder breathing
Its dancing high, no need to hide

V2)There’s a legion a creeping
Moving stealthy with no sound
Blind sided we can’t see it
Yet it dwells beneath our ground

As we clash and as we’re fringing
We crashed the boarders crusading overtime
Stoyed upon us a cataclysm 
We misshaped realm and now were running dry
Ride on through this deserted trail
Through the barren highway, lost in hell 
This sea we glide through, is black and pail
Were flowing nowhere in our degenerate sail

Were lost in ruins, of the systems mind
From the loops of yesterday of the glooming time
Falling through our enslaved clout 
From our opposition were drowning out

Clashing swaying through the devils mouth
Through the hand of the dominion, through the eyes of charm
Don’t be deceived we are no legion, were of the hypnotizing tribe 
They’ve corrupted and confused our own region, left us with obscured vibes

Hold on to that feeling, of doubts and trailed debates 
We may be deceived or deranging, yet change has come no more to wait
Have you ever been to hell?
Have you caressed the light to bring you back?
Seize your limits to limitless
Befriend the snake, lean in to kiss

Your shadow haunts you day and night
Your lacking rest, you fail to fight
There is a crack you glimpse its stark
Your much aware within your heart

So be so bold and soar so high
Loss your possession and just you fly
Caress that light, loss your dusk fooled mind
Release all deceived views and glide overlooking wide

Now can you see all there hell shaped senses
Of all the robot army’s and there robot restrictions 
Don’t you fret there’s hope for all
Caress there light, guide them through the hall and all and all

And the light arrives the day
The day shall rest at night
And draw through darkness and solitude 
Until its barriers clash back through the light

And this cycle shall continue
Like an old ruin ritual
But shall new paths be awoken
And let fresh forged breeds grow?

And if a strange change shall occur
Where will we go and where will we be
Shall fear or greed be our savior 
Tell us sermon shall we be free

Tell us lies in sorts of humor 
Tell us truth in sorts of neglect
Tell us whats to come of us
And tell us what to expect

V2)The boundaries are thinning nearer 
Says the blind man no real man seems to see
Caused there blinded behind confusion 
From there own power and there greed
But the blind man is possessionless 
All he’s got is love you see
Oh happiness he see’s clearly
No other man is so free

V3)He is sightless but born with wisdom
Born with answers and born with reasons

Yet differed man with pompous meanings
The majestic king is witless from greed
Spoiled from safe sailed joy rides
Soaring high luxuriously 

As he feasts upon his dwellers
And sips upon there wine
Oh the majestic feen sits unspokenly
Sits in comfort upon his shrine

Travel along this distant path

Upon the ridge lies the roaring wrath 
The horrid monster the eerie beast
What lies ahead ends with you the feast

As scattered corpses all try to past
They endure no chance they only crash
They lay within these sands beneath 
And close there eyes they are deceased

She took there pride she took there speech
She took there strength and made them weak
We failed to pass and now we lay 
Upon her land in barren days

And as we flew right threw her trap 
We could not turn nor front or back
We sunk in deep she crushed our chest’s 
And now were broken in her hollow nest

Lets fly though the fire
And glide on through the clouds

Breathe your sense of desire baby 
And shrug off all your doubts

Just be free, don’t be easy 
But run into my arms
And we’ll climb along this stairway
Which will, bring you no harm

And as this graces a new cycle
You’ll leave behind all your despair 
And as you cling onto the revival 
That will, fix all your repairs 

No need for hesitation
There’s no more to decide
Climb along this stairway
And you will seek what you wish to find

Im going under baby
Yeah Underneath the light
Im Clashing the barriers of shades of wickedness
And webbing with the night

In the maroon distance
Of the sunset sky
I awake disorderly 
And sway away from your eyes

Just forget about the memories
That dwell beneath the past
Despair was just a ruin
A stage that would never last

Cleanse my obscured vision
And Cleanse my jumbled sight
And cast away my shades of wickedness
And dance with me tonight



Well shall you wait till tomorrow
Will this moment start to sway
Should you capture or grasp it
before the seconds tick away

And as your yearning and your longing for this
The time has past it has clashed
You stopped to stutter, you had waited far too long
You let the moment surpass

Chorus kinda
Don’t stop to stutter, again
Don’t clutter up your deeds
Don’t blink don’t stop to think, again
Seize whats now seize your very need

And as you roam along this daunting trail
You must escape this progress of feeling frail
You misplaced consciousness your in a haze
You need to purify your lucid gaze

Your a wandering seeker for a way back on track
Your searching for all seconds back
Toss and turn you wanna reinstate your past
And take the chance that you’ve longed for its come at last

And as the tears roam down your weary face
Where will tomorrow bring you, will it rain grace
And as the sorrow shall seek you, will you drag on down
Or soar so high and take off from your foul ground

And this lie is a disguise 
Its a forbidden melancholy
And you can break out, don’t you hide
Its a disease can’t you see

You may feel devoured alive
Forgotten and shot down
But surely you will find
The ticket out of this little hell


V1) Well there’s a show today and its airing my
Illusive outer shell
Im frail inside and searing alive
Oh can’t you tell
This is a disguise but im grueling to get
Out of this cell
Devoured alive but can you glimpse my
Illusive outer shell

V2) Im drifting on down
To the heart of this vile land
Im losing my ground
Is this where I make my last stand
Boxed in cavern
Isolated with no way out
Tactiled my vision
Is the soloution my illusive outer shell

V3) Crippled inside can i hide it
As if it was a game
Characterized myself as a trooper
With no pain
With crystal vision and serenity
To lock it all away
Masked with disillusion
Is the nature in which I play

And now I sway 
Behind my illusive outer shell!
__________________________________________________________And in a moments lapse 

Time can turn or fail to crash
The everlasting state will stand
And crawl to consume this gladden land

The passage hides within the woods
Gears will alter the vortex should
Take you far to distant times
Where you will seek and you will find

The secrets to all uncertainty 
The questions that are mysteries
Tell us tales from way back when
And what’s our future and fate ahead

Picture visions on what’s been told
Interpret tales about the old
Things are known and some are not
Seek the hidden clues that taught

Inventions and all creative buzz
Re-arrange these, and structure fuzz
Blur the future and stall the past
Construct this world to forever last

Sway along the abyss road
Clash corruption from below
Grace existence from so high
Preach these words from the sky

Life will live and life will die
And when the end approaches thy
We will learn that all is waste
And what we’ve learned and what we’ve made
Has caused all end

V1) Habenero you light my stage on fire
You bring the blazing heat 
That only climbs on higher

Us narrow hallowed trees
Chant for some bitter water
The dry desert heat ain’t like your pepper fire

Temperature steaming gaze 
Crowds are stunned and in a haze
They challenged the peppers rage
Not knowing what she had in stake

V2) Tell me whats our story
Bring me too el’diablo’s door

And take me though 
The scorching pathway

All though i know
Were heading to no more

Your venom frails me 
Yes you are poison 
I bring you down but you tear me apart

This is resistance 
I try to linger
But what i know 
Consumes me searing to the dark

V3) Its turing out of control
Your asking for no more
I tried and put up a fight
But all i get is spite

These times are fringe and there frail
I know its best that I bail
And as perverse as I am
I long for you but I can’t

Find the exit door!

V1)The chandler told us
The pipers dream he hears
The fiddle plays us 
The lost tapes, lost all these years
Listen maiden
The Siren sings in tune
We longed to find you
And were nearing fairly soon

V2)The clock can wind and
Tick-tock at its beat
Mountains gazing
Overlooking what the foresee
Shall this be rissing
The Prophets question and rest
A found foundation 
Shall patience show us best ?

V3)Take a stand here
Ground your spirit, ground your feet
A whisper may you listen
Told you the secret to this tale
Justice all great reason
Has shadowed every fear
Capture feeling
Capture the silent word you hear!